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Reunion News    October - 2017


1939 “Let’s have a 78th class reunion or luncheon this year!”

    Elane Moreland Martin, 440-236-8963; Alex Yovan,

248-960-9033; and Frances Reed Kline, 740-392-5907.


1942-‘44 “We meet the second Thursday each month at 12:30 p.m. at the Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria. No reservations needed.”


1945 “Let’s get together for a luncheon sometime. I think it would be a lot of fun to eat and reminisce. Look me up on Facebook.”

   Dodie Wilke Melvin, 740-393-0242;


1947 “Around 30 classmates and guests attended our 70th class reunion Aug. 10 at the Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria. Details to come for next year.” 

    Jean Smith Rasor, 614-276-3860.


1951 “The ladies of the January and June classes meet for lunch the third Friday of alternate months. Call us for the next location.”

   Ginny Southard Harper (614-818-3737) and Barbara Friend Garwood (614-885-0190).


1953 “Our 64th class reunion was June 10 at the Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria. A good time was had by all. Stay tuned for details about future get-togethers. Contact me with activity ideas and classmate updates.”

   Sara Glover Clark, 614-256-7903;


1954Join us for lunch the third Wednesday of every month. Call me for the location. We’d all love to see you.”

   Faye Chapman Steerman, 614-276-3708.


1954 “Our 63rd class reunion took place June 13 at the Kingsdale MCL  Cafeteria. Contact me to make plans for our 64th reunion next year.”

   Nancy Roscoe Heber, 614-451-8538;


1956 “We’ll meet Sept. 17 to organize our 24th annual Christmas Party. More than likely, we’ll return to Bova’s on Hayden Road in early December. Also, it’ll be early in the day so everyone can be back home before dark.” John Simkins, 614-850-0729;


1957 “Our 60th class reunion was May 6 at the Berwick Party House.”

   Martin Stires (614-882-4285;; Ida Duff (614-570-8034); Bill Hargis (614-875-7654).


1959-‘60 “Our two classes get together for supper the second Saturday of every month. Contact me for details.”

   Cathy Bentley Benedetto, ‘60,;

941-564-8150 or 614-772-7864.


1961 “The ladies of our class meet for lunch the third Tuesday of each month. Call us for the location.”

   Nancy Lambert Bush (614-538-9453) and Ellen Chaffin Caney (614-262-6366).


1968 “We’re starting to plan our 50th class reunion, to which all classes will be welcomed. Please share your name and contact info—and that of any of our other classmates you may know.”

   Corky Roese,


1971 “Details to come if we’re having a get-together this year.”

   Rick Duff, 5544 Crest St., Columbus OH 43235; call/text 614-439-5330.


1977 “Our 40th class reunionThe Red and Black Affair—will take place Sept. 16. Please share names, addresses & ideas.”

   Kim Dobbins,


1979 “Who’d like to have a 38th class reunion this year?”

   Robert Shade,


1982 “Let’s have a 35th class reunion or luncheon this year.”

Denver Stone (614-282-5556); Gary Preston II (614-886-6819).



1983 “To all Central Pirates who would have graduated with the Class of 1983, but were bused elsewhere—let’s have a reunion!”

   Curtis McMorris (; James


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