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October 2017

Between You And Me

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1939 “July was a challenging month for me health wise, which included a brief stay in the hospital. But I’m back in the saddle again and doing the best I can!

    “The family had great news May 4, with the birth of my latest great-grandchild, Llewyn Arthur Kadlec, son of my grandson and his lovely wife, Arthur & Reika Kadlec! We also had  great news in April—onApril 7, Hanna & Michael Rose, my granddaughter and her delightful husband, became the proud parents of Esme Francis Rose! Esme was born on my 96th birthday. What a dandy birthday present Esme was!!

    "On the Fourth of July, my daughter and her husband, Kristie & Landon Clayman, had a cookout in Mt. Vernon. My older daughter and her husband, Sherry & Jim Wahl, drove up from South Charleston, while my sister-in-law, Joan Thompson Reed, ‘47, and her son, Jeff Reed, traveled from Grove City.

    "On Sept. 26, we’re planning a special birthday luncheon for Joan. (I won’t tell you her age!) I’ll let you know how it goes!

     "I’m really enjoying having Kristie & Landon back in Mt. Vernon, after moving up from Miami FL.

     "I’d love to hear from my classmates—let’s write each other on Facebook or let’s have a luncheon. After all, this year marks 78 years since we graduated from dear ole Central!”

Frances Reed Kline, 60 Woodberry Ct., Mt. Vernon OH 43050-9061; 740-392-5907;


1944 “Hello to my dear alumni friends. First, I want to thank the alumni association for the lovely sympathy card you sent me after the passing of my dear, departed son, Lance Lattimer. It’s so great to have caring friends. Again, thank you.

    "Things keep moving rapidly here in southern California, with all the politics, voting, protesting, rioting etc. I suppose it’s the same all over. Let’s keep thinking positive thoughts and doing positive things. Let’s try to make the world a better place.

    "Some excitement around our house—my grandson, Jacob, graduated from high school this year and was elected athletic player of the year after breaking so many track records. We celebrated with a party here at our home, with plenty of family and friends. I’m still recuperating from all the fun!

“During the summer, our local community provides entertainment every other week at a local park, with dancing to a live band, refreshments and a lot of togetherness. We look forward to it every year!

     "I stay away from our local beaches, as they are so crowded—and there’s the fear of sharks!

“I like to keep up with all the local musicals at our Playhouse Theater. The latest is Cabaret (which isn’t one of my favorites).

    "I still water my garden and cook for my family twice a week. I also still love to bake my pies—lemon, french chocolate and, of course, apple! There’s nothing quite like a homemade pie.


    “I think of all of you and those who keep The Outlook going whenever a new newsletter comes in the mail. I always look forward to the latest news and all your outings.

    “And, by the way, on Aug. 27, I celebrated my 91st birthday! It was nice day.

    “A hearty hello to everyone! Your devoted alumna!!!”

    Jinny Brooks Lattimer, 7 Calle Marta, Rancho Santa

Margarita CA 92688-3500; 949-459-0634.


1945-‘49 “Join us for a tasty lunch and good memories—and a lot of good-natured fun at the Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria the second Thursday of every month. We eat at around 1:30 p.m.

    Chuck Shaner, ‘47, 614-279-8016.


1945 “On July 30, I reached the pinnacle age of 90! My four children—Joe, Tara, Doug and Dave—didn’t let the day go by quietly! They and their spouses—Connie, Larry, Paula and Denise—honored me with a surprise birthday party, which they’d been planning for more than six months. And no one slipped up—not folks at my church, club members, past 4Hers, business associates or close friends. I was totally surprised!!

    "I haven't counted yet—not all the cards, nor all the folk who attended the big party at the Gallagher Center here in Mt. Vernon—but what a wonderful and humbling thing it was to see so many friends and family members all together!

    "We had a complete family photo taken, too. That’s something I’ve been trying to do since my husband, Pete, passed away in 1993. You can see all the images on my Facebook page. Please find me and take a look.

    "It’s been 72 years since the Class of 1945 walked the halls of Central High. That’s a lifetime in itself! Since we all have trouble getting together, let’s connect on Facebook. That goes for family and friends, too. Thanks to all the younger Pirates

for keeping us all together. Love and best wishes!”

    Dodie Wilke Melvin, 65 Fairway Dr., Mount Vernon OH 43050-5400; 740-393-0242;


1946 “Not much news from our Class of 1946 group. I‘d love to hear from everyone. I lost the address I had for Helen Skidmore Ramey. I’d love to have it. She’s in Colorado. Susie Murphy Garver has moved (Claremont Retirement Village, 809B, 7041 Bent Tree Blvd). Give me a call sometime.”

    Mary Tompkins Seipel, 4500 John Shields Pkwy, Unit 503, Dublin OH 43017-2670; 614-389-9020.


1947 “During our 70th class reunion luncheon Aug. 10 at the Kingsdale MCL Cafeteria, Ruth Ann Davy Farber, ‘47, remembered when the circus would come to town. I fondly recall watching the elephants parade down Central Avenue. And I remember watching the parade with Vivian Garwick Broehm, ‘47. who lived across the street from me on Dana Avenue.

   “That brought back other memories—being on the Homecoming Queen’s Court; having no AC at Central and keeping the big windows open; and being really hot in gym class.

   “Then there was keeping cool with big fans when the Bean Dinner was in Hilliard; not using sun screen when we were at Central when we’d sit out or go the pool; and riding my blue bicycle around the neighborhood, with no helmet, of course!

   “At our reunion luncheon, I really enjoyed that Chuck Shaner, ‘47. and his daughter put our yearbook photos on a stick. We each held our photo in front of our face for the group shot. 
   “My older grandson, 
Max Reed, quizzes me about TV shows we watch—character names and plots. I especially enjoy watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Arrow, The Flash, The Dr. Blake Mysteriesand The Murdoch Mysteries.

   “My younger grandson, George Reed, a senior at Grove City High School, is directing, starring in and composing the music for a mystery he wrote and is filming with his classmates. 

   “Visit Franklin Park’s Adventure Center Thursday evenings to see Max juggle with Jest Jugglers ( He’ll also be juggling at this year’s Pumpkin Show.”

Joan Thompson Reed, 2053 Dry Creek Place, Grove City OH 43123-9386; 614-875-5757;


1951 “My husband and I both enjoy reading The Outlook to catch up with alumni news. Thank you for your time and effort in making it all happen.”

    Sylvia Dupre Devictor, 11 Burton Hills Blvd., N217, Nashville TN 37215-6297; 615-915-3821.


1951 & 1953 “In November 1954, I married Greenville Depugh Watson, ‘51. We’re both doing well and are still soul mates. We travel and have a place at Buckeye Lake. We have three sons. Our granddaughter, Faith, 16, rides horses competitively. We have two grandsons, 9 and 11, who live in North Carolina. They swim and create art and music. They also boat on Lake Norman, NC. All are in excel classes at school.

    "Granville and I are still friends with Marie Painter, ‘51, Barbara Friend Garwood, ‘51, and many other Central Pirates. We are so very blessed.”

    Sarah Williams Watson, ‘53, 132 Erie Rd., Columbus OH 43214-3615; 614-268-3994.


1955 “Our last 2017 quarterly breakfast will take place Nov. 11 at 8:30 a.m. at Frische’s Big Boy, I-270 & Ste. Rte. 62, Grove City. Come early and stay late for plenty of good food and lots of good gabbing.” 

    Roberta Raines Driscoll, 614-274-0495;


1956 “My wife, Phyllis (Castle Lane, ‘58) and I enjoy volunteering at our church, the 105-year-old West Park United Methodist Church, 89 W. Park. Ave., Franklinton. Check with us about our special events and activities, including our annual chicken & noodles dinner this autumn.”

    Jim Lane, ‘56, 614-921-0630;


1971 “The 18th Annual Mom Beck-Lonie Gilkerson-Softball Jones Family Golf Outing teed off Aug. 20 in Union County at the Buck Ridge Golf Club, Marysville. Last year, we raised $7,100 to help underprivileged children in the Bottoms. We’ll let you know what we raised this year.”

Del Harlan, ‘71, 614-491-7934;


1972 “Please keep our family in your prayers. We’ve lost three family members in the past month and placed another in a nursing home. Love simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Forgive quickly. Leave the rest up to God.”

    Bonnie Harlan Reed, 614-507-6217;


All classes All Pirates are invited to attend a Central gathering the second Wednesday of alternating months at Colombini’s Sports Diner, 894 W. Broad St., across the street from the former Florentine Restaurant. This year’s remaining evening gatherings include Sept. 12 and Nov. 8. Questions? Call 614-230-2980 or visit Colombini’s Facebook page.


All classes “Visit the Central Facebook page to catch up on Pirate news and friends. We now have 572 members!”

  Dan Frey, ‘75,


All classes Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts!”

 Veryl Hooks Chamberlain, ‘52, CHSAA Executive Adviser, '52



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