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al.gif (2328 bytes)Our Alma Mater
Words: Mary E. Taylor              Music: Annie Lisle

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There's a school we'll cherish ever By the river side.
In our hearts she'll reign forever, Be our fondest pride;
Many lessons she has taught us - Honor, faith and truth;
Many joys she too has brought us; Glorified our youth.

Central's name we'll keep unsullied In our work and play;
Ever mindful of her honor, Serve her every way.
Oh the years we spent at Central We will neer forget,
When we pass beyond her guidance, They'll inspire us yet.

Sons and daughters, sound her praises, Sound them far and nigh,
Sing our love for dear old Central, Dear old Central High.

The Red and Black  
John O. Rosser
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Up and sing! Voices ring! Swell the chorus
All hail the banner that floats before us
Fling it high cross the sky emblem glorious
We cannot falter our standard oer us
Thru the fight, flashing bright, black and cardinal
Those noble colors we'll ever thrill to see
Till at last victory nigh Central hearts voice thy cry
While they throb with love for thee

Central's name Central's fame proudly vaunting
we march to conquer our colors flaunting
Will to win heart within never wanting
Thy counsel guiding thy spirit haunting
When at last school days past memories stir us
Tho far we wander our thoughts will turn to thee
To renew this our vow held as dear then as now
Strong and true we'll ever be


Red and Black, we sing thy praise and glory
lead us to victory
Red and Black, our every prayer is for thee
we pledge our loyalty
So wave on banner bright thy sons shall win the fight!
Red and Black thru all the years our cheers Shall ring for thee.

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