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26th Florida Reunion - Feb 6th

2nd Pirate Picnic - TBA

34th Annual Golf Outing - July 7


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Pirates flocking to Florida


Pirates from far and wide and their guests will gather at the Elks Lodge in Englewood Feb. 6, 2018 for the 26th Annual Florida Reunion.

    “We’re looking forward to an afternoon of good food and good conversation—and lots of laughter,” said Bonnie Harlan Reed, ‘72, one of the six reunion co-organizers. “We welcome volunteers and ideas. If you know of anyone who’d like to receive a reunion invitation, please contact any of the committee members. See you in February!

    “Check The Outlook and our Facebook page for updates,” Reed added. “Spread the word. The more the merrier!”

     Contact Bonnie (bonreedfl@msn.com); Delores McBride Breckenridge, ‘46; (dbreck7264@aol.com); Beverly Evans Witak, ‘65 (b_witake@yahoo.com); Mary Persinger Barton, ‘60 (mitiz2@yahoo.com); Cathy Bentley Benedetto,‘60 (omegacathy@aol.com); Barb Evans Miller, ‘60 (941-475-6212).


Central—one of a kind!

Central High School was a high school unique in many ways. Of course, we Pirates, we River Rats, already knew that, didn’t we!

     For example, Central was one of the country’s first high schools to have a vocational school within its walls. Welding, printing and hospitality (restaurant and cooking) were just a few of the courses offered. Starting in the 11th grade, a student could spend half days for two years taking his or hers chosen course, hoping at graduation to land a job with their newfound skills. One of my friends worked for years in the printing trade because of his Central studies.

     At one point, a special trade school was built at the back of Central for boys who had trouble adjusting to regular school curriculum. This was a separate school of sorts, and the boys weren’t really part of Central.

     In the ‘50s and ‘60s, Central had a night school program for additional studies or to take a course one had missed or failed. To my knowledge, Central was the only area school to have an evening school.

     Our alma mater also was rather unique in its design, boasting wide horizontal halls on the first and second floors, with the third floor being much smaller. All floors, except for the third floor, consisted of a large hall with opposing “wings” on either end, where the majority of the classrooms were. Classes were held in the basement and on the first and second floors, then, later, on the smaller third floor. Not sure why the third floor was smaller

     Does anyone know why?

          Pat Hatfield Peacock, ‘58, ppeacock@columbus.rr.com


Help us survive


Pirates—we need your help for our Central High School Alumni Association to survive!

    We need to recruit new members—and to get former members to return—from all class years, especially the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.



Our Alma Mater

words by Mary E. Taylor  
music by Annie Lisle

There's a school we'll cherish ever,
By the river side. 
In our hearts she'll reign forever,
Be our fondest pride; 
Many lessons she has taught us -
Honor, faith and truth; 
Many joys she too has brought us;
Glorified our youth.

Central's name we'll keep unsullied
In our work and play; 
Ever mindful of her honor,
Serve her every way. 

Sons and daughters, sound her praises, Sound them far and nigh, 
Sing our love for dear old Central, dear old Central High

high school
Central High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 842
Hilliard, OH  4

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